About Our Yarn

We know, the option to make your own yarn from scratch can be overwhelming, and sometimes you just want some yarn that's already made up so you don't have to think about it!  That's why we have what we like to call our "house blends" of yarn -- that is, yarn that we've put together here at the shop, in a myriad of fiber combinations, color blends, and yarn weights.

Some of these are rotating, limited-run yarns that we've put together for this season, or dreamed up with inspiration taken from free patterns that we'll share with you, that we think will show off the yarn spectacularly.  Others are Yarnia faves, that we wind up regularly because they're such hot sellers.  Either way, if the supply in our online shop doesn't provide enough yarn for you to make a project you have in mind, just ask us -- often we'll be able to wind up more of that yarn on the spot to fill your order.

Whether you live outside of Portland and aren't able to peruse these dreamy yarns in person, or are in fact one of our neighbors and just like to browse our current selection online before you come in to buy, our online shop can give you some great ideas for your own DIY yarn, along with little swatches on each cone that shows how the yarn knits up.


All the yarn you'll find here is put up on half-pound cones, with the exception of the sock/fingering weight yarn (these are closer to a quarter-pound each).  This does not include the weight of the cone itself, which is approximately 1 oz.  Yardage on each cone will vary, depending on the yarn weight (the thinner the yarn, the more yards it will yield per half-pound cone).

The yarn is not twisted, as you may be used to seeing in commercial yarns, but rather wound together at an even tension. This usually will give a similar feel to having a twisted, plied yarn, particularly if comprised of clingy fibers like wool and cotton, as you knit with it off the cone.

If you are prone to splitting stitches, you may find that this happens for you more often with this type of yarn, as the individual strands are not plied together. However, this is fairly easy to get used to, and should start to feel natural to your fingers with some practice!


If you have any questions about our yarn, please don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiries :)