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Welcome to Yarnia, your custom yarn shop.  You're probably used to only seeing coned yarn used for weaving or machine knitting, but our yarn-on-cones is primarily used by hand knitters and crocheters.  Just set the cone below you as you work, and knit straight off the cone.

Most of our yarn is sold on 8-ounce cones.  Yardage will vary depending on the yarn weight, but to give you an idea of how this compares to what you may be used to knitting with, an 8-ounce cone is more than four times as much as your traditional 50g skein or ball of yarn.

Don't know how much yarn you need for a project?  Use our yardage estimator to figure it out!

If the blend you'd like is sold out, or if there aren't enough cones in stock for the project you need, shoot us an email!  More than likely we'll be able to wind up some more for you.  

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