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« I ordered a bamboo blend yarn and it is terrific! I HAVE to go in and look around some day! Great service and fast delivery~!»


« I love the unique take the store has on yarn, and really enjoy your WIP blog posts.  Thanks for having such an active online presence!»


« Yarnia is a great concept.  The shop is filled with thin "singles" (I put this is quotation the single strands are actually plied).  You pick up to six strands to form your yarn (depending on the desired thickness and look of the yarn).  They have various kinds (wool ...»

Cortney A. Seattle

« I think you are outstanding with shipping.  ; I've NEVER been unhappy with the packages.  ; (Sometimes I do wonder how you get so many cones in the package since I can't get them back in after I open it.  :)»


« At first it was quite difficult for me to work with because i was still learning to knit.  But now, it is no longer a problem and i actually love working with unplied yarns!»


« This is the most creative yarn store on the planet! Instead of getting close to what you want in a yarn, why not get exactly what you want? You get to pick out what texture and what color you want and she'll mix it together for you on her crazy awesome machine she had specially made.»


« ...Yarnia may seem scary to the uninitiated but I bought a cone-end a couple of weeks ago to see what it would be like knitting with unplied yarn and honestly, I really love it, and it was not as hard as it looked to me - the end result is an amazing fabric that will leave you hungering for m ...»

Candice B. Vancouv...

« My stepdaughter created a great yarn while we were there -- it turned out beautifully.  We felt very comfortable there, enough to sit down and start knitting my new yarn while they were creating the yarn mix for my stepdaughter.  Yarnia is really a must-visit spot for fiber fiends l ...»

Diana T. Gig Har...

« Of course, the big positive here is that, most of the time, selling the yarn by weight works in the favor of the customer (unless you're used to knitting with 100% silk--actually , it still might work out cheaper than per skein). You can get all the yarn you want for a project at once without ...»

Clare M. Portlan...

« I only recently discovered you through an ad on Facebook.  ; I love working with yarn, and very much appreciate fine, handcrafted stuff.  I think the create-your-ow n idea is fantastic, and I plan to visit the store sometime in the near future with my 12-yr old whom I am teaching to ...»


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Bargain Shelf   |

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  This semi-solid DK weight blend is given just a bit of texture from an eyelash yarn th..
$25.03 $18.77
SAVE 25%
  This is our 2013 Yarn of the Year!  Congratulations to Sarah Wear, one of our cus..
  A deep red bamboo, peach-colored wool, and a strand of gold lurex make up this playful..
$15.95 $13.56
SAVE 15%
This wonderfully drapey DK weight yarn is comprised of two strands of bamboo -- one olive and one..
  This deep red cotton and wool blend has subtle flecks of tweed, giving this semi-solid..
  Bamboo, alpaca, and wool are combined in this luscious deep red blend -- resulting in ..
  This worsted weght yarn is the perfect combination of wool and bamboo -- soft, heather..
$21.63 $17.30
SAVE 20%
  Shades of light and bright pink bamboo and wool complement a tweedy salmon-colored ray..
$20.50 $15.38
SAVE 25%
This sport weight yarn combines a shimmery grey bamboo strand with a couple thin grey and light o..
$16.63 $14.14
SAVE 15%
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