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« I think you are outstanding with shipping.  ; I've NEVER been unhappy with the packages.  ; (Sometimes I do wonder how you get so many cones in the package since I can't get them back in after I open it.  :)»


I prefer that they are not plied - it lets the color and texture show more clearly. There are simply no other yarns that look like this on the market.

Karin P. Berkele...

I live in New York City. I got information about Yarnia about 3 months ago. I love the fact that I could blend my own yarn ply as opposed to accepting what's on the store shelves. As far as shipping, it's worth it to get exactly what I want. 
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Anonymous Annual ...

« My stepdaughter created a great yarn while we were there -- it turned out beautifully.  We felt very comfortable there, enough to sit down and start knitting my new yarn while they were creating the yarn mix for my stepdaughter.  Yarnia is really a must-visit spot for fiber fiends l ...»

Diana T. Gig Har...

Yarni a is my number 1 store to purchase yarn through. I love to be able to find yarns made with different fibers and colors and the ability to"make" my own yarn.

Linda W. Ruther ...

What I appreciated most was my interaction by email and 'snail' mail with Lindsay. Lindsay was interested in finding exactly what I was imagining and was always friendly and kind in my dealings with her. It was almost as good as sitting in the shop.
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Susan L. Jersey ...

« This is the most creative yarn store on the planet! Instead of getting close to what you want in a yarn, why not get exactly what you want? You get to pick out what texture and what color you want and she'll mix it together for you on her crazy awesome machine she had specially made.»


« Of course, the big positive here is that, most of the time, selling the yarn by weight works in the favor of the customer (unless you're used to knitting with 100% silk--actually , it still might work out cheaper than per skein). You can get all the yarn you want for a project at once without ...»

Clare M. Portlan...

« ...Yarnia may seem scary to the uninitiated but I bought a cone-end a couple of weeks ago to see what it would be like knitting with unplied yarn and honestly, I really love it, and it was not as hard as it looked to me - the end result is an amazing fabric that will leave you hungering for m ...»

Candice B. Vancouv...

« “I feel I know exactly what I am getting when I purchase yarn, and I am never disappointed. I find the close-ups and swatches to be the most helpful.”»


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Navy blue wool and bamboo is accented with a bright turquoise strand of silk, giving this bulky w..
$23.95 $16.77
SAVE 30%
Out Of StockInquire Now
  A slubby, rose-colored rayon is matched with a salmon-colored cotton and a light tweed..
$14.45 $10.12
SAVE 30%
Juno is a tweedy, depthy sport weight blend of rayon, alpaca, and merino wool in deep greens, bro..
A slubby yellow strand of yellow rayon is combined with gold wool and merino to create this tweed..
$13.90 $10.43
SAVE 25%
  A fantastic, stretchy sock yarn made from peach bamboo, and an equal balance of rust a..
Pale blues are combined with a strand of deep purple to create this heathered DK weight blend. Th..
Sora is a gorgeously tweedy worsted weight yarn in neutral khakis and browns. The versatility of ..
The Pandorica Opens
  Based on the painting of the same name in the Doctor Who series, it is cozy, warm and ..
$25.30 $20.24
SAVE 20%
Similar shades of olive green in wool, bamboo, and a rayon & cotton strand are wound together..
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